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 Bi-Okoto Cultural Institute presents its 1st Annual Heritage Festival and Conference

December 15, 2012 in Cincinnati, Ohio
Attendees will get a chance to experience the sights and sounds of West Africa.  You are invited to become part of its wonderful experience. Hundreds of participants from across the country will visit the Cincinnati to partake in this 1 day of intense workshops in traditional African dance and drum, taught by master dancers and drummers from Ghana, the Congo(Brazavilles), Senegal, Nigeria and Guinea. Workshop Instructors & Performing Guest Artists will include 
        Hamidou Koivoigui (Guinea)
        El Hadji Mohamed Sene (Senegal)
    Kayode Idris (Nigeria)
    Lizzy Hamond-Apea (Ghana)
    Praise Ekeng (Nigeria)
    Papa Titos Sompa (The Congo)
 Conference Classes:
Door Opens at 9:00am
Bi-Okoto Cultural Center
7030 Reading Road, suite 662      
Cincinnati, Ohio 45234
All classes are $20/Adult
$10/Child (17yrs & under)
Class cards available at
Bi-Okoto Cultural Center
Door opens at 7:00pm
Woodward High School Auditorium
7005 Reading Road,
Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Tickets (All General Seating):
Regular: $25 
(Purchased after Nov. 30, 2012)
Advance: $20 
(Purchased by Nov. 30, 2012)
Concert tickets available at 
Bi-Okoto Cultural Center
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